Sonic Jump APK 1.5.3 Fever

Sonic Jump APK 1.5.3 Fever
  • as suggested by its name, the game of Sonic Jump Fever APK 1.5.3 will be similar with his name. However, the objective of this game is to navigate through the vertical journey wherever possible until ŕ the time limit runs out. Players tilt the devices to move the characters to the right or the left. Also, it can touch the screen to run the double jump. Players are also allowed to hit the badniks from below to destroy those and then marks the players. In addition, there are also Sonic Jump Fever for Android features that are the additions of the meter on the bottom right of the screen. Here, the notation quarts will fill the counters and also trigger the movement called fever.

    this sends the players shooting towards the top along the paths of the rings and ORBS also to collect. There are also actions that can increase the fever meter. These include collect the orbs in blue, yellow and red but also to destroy the badniks. In addition, the game time limit can be extended with through time, extend. However, while it runs out, players are transported automatically to the balloon at the end of the levels.

    players will have a chance for the last that can be used to score points by touching the animals as much as possible into the basket of the balloon. Other interested characteristics of Sonic Jump Fever for Android is namely like Combo System. Players should know that combos can be earned to perform any kind of actions that may increase the tonnage of fever as well as include the actions to reach past time extend, destroy the enemies and also monitors and touch the pets to the basket of balloon.

    characteristics of Sonic Jump Fever 1.5.3 APK for Android
    • revolution JUMP
    • challenge your friends
    • break your SCORES
    • unlock the power of the CHAO
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  • Sonic Jump APK 1.5.3 Fever last Version

    optimizations and improvements to enhance your gaming experience.

  • apps comments

    it's a great game, but I wish they had infinite lives instead of wait 15 minutes for a little more.

Sonic Jump Fever APK

Developer: SEGA Version: 1.5.3 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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