The brain points APK 2.6.2

The brain points APK 2.6.2
  • brain points APK was released and now the latest version is 2.6.2. Do you still think that play games through devices like the PlayStation, Android, computer laptop, etc. has no advantage at all for us? Well, if the games are not educational, it might be the case. It would be different if what you play games like this game. Indeed, it is a game with a very simple interface. However, being single does not mean that it would be a piece of cake to read. After all, this game is actually very educational. This game needs players to organize strategies to solve the challenge in each level. All you need to do to play Dots of brains in Android is to make two balls; respond to red and blue.

    it seems easy, right? However, you will not be able to win the challenge in each level, if you play without strategy in mind. Of course, you will face different challenges at every level. Not to mention, there are hundreds of levels you have to play. There are four features in this game of brain Dot. First of all, it is characteristic of event in which there are 6 challenges you will have to finish in the fastest time possible. If you can win these challenges, there will be rewards for you.

    , we can even increase our level by joining the event. We have 5 chances each day to the event resets after 24 hours. Secondly, there is function pen choice where we will be provided with various pens to use. The choices are regular pen, automatic pen, pen, marker, pen, and fruits which are meant for us to use to the design to make the bullets can meet. Thirdly, there is the recorder function which will record your game play. Fourth, there is a sharing feature that allows us to share our results to our friends at Twitter, Facebook, etc.. Points of brain for Android is good for playing for intellectual development. It is not for fun only after all.

    characteristics of the brain points 2.6.2 APK for Android
    • we will hit both balls
    • we will collect pens
    • share
    • at the time of victory
    • your brain abilities will be tested
    Brain Dots Screenshot 1
  • brain points APK 2.6.2 latest Version

    a few bugs are fixed.

  • apps comments

    entertaining and enjoyable. Puzzles get progressively more difficult and you get a sense of satisfaction when you finish one. Great, I recommend everyone to give it a try.

Brain Dots APK

Developer: Translimit, Inc. Version: 2.6.2 condition: 3.0 and upward price: free


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