Angry Birds APK 1.5.0 RPG Epic

Angry Birds APK 1.5.0 RPG Epic
  • angry Birds APK RPG Epic is available in the new version 1.5.0. Angry bird becomes the icon of the android game. Well, the Outlander bird angry shocked people in the world. This game is simple, but it offers a nice detail for you. The details of the game will give the new sense when you play it. Todays, angry bird has the new version of the game called Angry Birds Epic RPG for Android. This is the great development of this game. Let's talk below about some details of it. The development of the game will give the new meaning for you. It has some new features, which will be pleasant you playing. You can see the battles there.

    with the flock of the heroic Warrior, you will have the great battle. Then you can also see the epic world. The epic world will give the new location for you to have the battle. With the new weapon here, this game will give a new experience for you. It will be ideal to accompany you in your spare time. Before you download this game to your Favorites, you need to know some more information of this game Angry Birds.

    well, here this game will be available for the 2.3.3 version of the android operating system or upward. However, this game has 84M in size. This means that you must check the internal memory of your phone before downloading. However, this game is free to download, but you need some payments for exceptional items. The above explanation, Angry Birds Epic RPG for Android can be great game for you. It will be a good choice with new details inside. Then, this game gets in side game note 4.4. It shows how great it is. Go to the game store and get it!

    characteristics of epic RPG 1.5.0 APK for Android angry birds
    • epic worlds!
    Angry Birds Epic RPG Screenshot 1
  • Angry Birds APK 1.5.0 RPG Epic latest Version

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    • EPIC KRAKEN WORLD BOSS - beware the dangers of the sea, then team up to defeat the Kraken and win Elite Guardian of Red!
    • objective arena roll - finishing your daily goals? Reroll!
    • WORLD BOSSES BUGS & improvements
    • better visualization of the team members attack the boss of the world
    • optimized synchronization of ranking for the team competition
    • synchronization of World Boss hearts improved
  • Apps comments

    I like the game, its very creative on the ways to make new teams of birds while offering new challenges and game mechanics , I wish that they would pose new things more frequently however, but other than that, it's an amazing game.

Angry Birds Epic RPG APK

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd., Version: 1.5.0 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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