APK 2.13

APK 2.13
  • criminal case APK 2.13 is coming. This game was originally a game based on the web that can be played using your Facebook account. Now, the game was released for Android devices. Here, you will be acting as Police of Grimsborough service to discover the brutal murder case. When you play this game, it took the level of reflexes, intelligence, precision and high speed to resolve these cases. If you have previously he played in Facebook, you can connect to the device and played Android. The game is divided into several sections, which has its own plot of the story. First of all, you must collect evidence at the scene of the crime. This evidence is a hidden object game which is to be found. After that, he continues to deal with the autopsy, investigation and others that will be added to the instructions of your results.

    some suspected the suspect must continue the investigation. So finally, you can determine who the suspects were actually loaded in such cases. To finish this game, you must be careful to treat the items of evidence you will find. Each task is completed will increase your XP. In addition, you will get the room, energy and star to expedite the process of resolving cases. You can also use the hint feature to locate the object.

    available features in this game that you can consider a wide variety of crime scenes that were on the dark side of the city. This game can also be played separately. However, it seems less funny if played with friends. You can play with your friends on Facebook and become a top investigator of the page. Your friends will not be a rival, but was included as a classification system. This will cause the sort who is a Facebook friend who has the most points. His teammates can help add energy to solve the case. Some criminal case for Android players admitted that this game has a Visual and interesting scenario. Players are guaranteed to be addicted and continue to the subsequent cases.

    characteristics of the criminal case 2.13 APK for Android
    • investigate crime scenes in a dark and corrupt City
    • play with your friends to be the best detective never
    • look at clues and test samples to look for witnesses to interview
    • evidence and suspects
    • bring the killer to justice
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  • Apps comments

    I love this game. I play for time now. Glitches fixed very quickly when reported.

Criminal Case APK

Developer: quite Simple Version: 2.13 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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