• later BBM APK developed which you can download for free. People must be connected one to the other. Today in this modern era, people can connect each other without the need to deal or to meet directly. What you need to use is the internet. Connected to the internet, you can find many friends or perhaps your old friend of all countries also. You can communicate with all the people that you same and other people are in the long distance. Today, you'll not only be easy call people but you can also see the faces of the people you call directly. For all those who want to connect with each other in a simple and free, you can download BBM app. You should not think that blackberry messenger app for Blackberry is. In this modern era, you can also use it for your smartphone too. Before you download this app, you better read information here. What is it? BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messaging tool that is made from Blackberry. In the past the time it could only be used for Blackberry, but now, it can also be used for Android.

    when you download and install this application, it is easy for you send the message to other people, family, friends, parent or other people in a simple way. You can chat whenever you want and you can also send pictures, images or other things in a very simple way. This app is an application interesting because you can also private group for your smartphone. You can share all things with the group. For all those who want to give the public announcement, it's simple to broadcast the message. You should not type an or copy - paste the announcement. It will waste your time.

    what you need to do is just choose all the people who want to be invited or received the message, and then click send your message broadcast. You can also express your emotion or feeling because there are some smileys and emoticons that you can get with this app. You can send the invitation and you can also confirm the invitation of people who invite you. This means there is a protection to know your data or follow your routine through BBM. If you do not want to confirm people, you just need to reject their invitation. There are other tools of communication you can also find such as line and Whatsapp but this Blackberry messenger for Android is still becomes the preferred tool to communicate among themselves.

    characteristics of the BBM APK for Android
    • it is always more and always connected - no open application
    • know when messages have been delivered (D) and reading (R)
    • say 'Hello' with the voice - free voice calling between Contacts *
    • quickly share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more
    • allow contacts view your live location on a map powered by Glympse *
    • see when contacts reply to your message
    • Emoticons for every mood and emotion allow you to express
    BBM Screenshot 1
  • BBM APK latest Version

    • profile simplified BBM channel and join UI
    • 'Groups of BBM' is accessible from the improvements to Navigation main navigation menu
    • services in the form of discovery and the BBM in the application browser
    • full screen video support BBM application browser
    • function registration improvements
    • phone number
    • bug fixes
  • Apps comments

    send broadcast message can at the specific group. Well done.


Developer: BlackBerry Limited. version: condition: varies with device price: free


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