Castle Monster APK

Castle Monster APK
  • Hello, we are with the monster Castle APK when you want to have the new type of strategy game in your android. This game is the particularity of the combination of a nice visualization and the great features. Really, with the combination of it, this game will be a good choice to relieve your boredom in your waiting. Now, see the details of it before install in your phone below. Please read it carefully. In this game, you will find some interesting features. The Monster Castle game will allow you to build your own Castle in the impenetrable fortress. Well, it will be nicer to your defense.

    on the other hand, you are also able to raise and train your epic army to keep the safe in your Castle. On the other hand, rising your skills, you can fight and have battle with other players around the world. Well, this will be a great experience for you! Before installing this game, we'll see additional information to help you make the good functioning of the. Here, the monster Castle game will be available for the android 2.3 OS version and more. You just need to check the version of your operating system before you download.

    on the other hand, the size of this game is 50 M. Do you have enough storage to install it? This game is free. However, you need some payments to have some peculiarities here. From the explanation above, we all know that the castle of Monster for Android can be your next wish list. Well, to get the latest development of the game, it's nice when you keep it updated. Go to the part of Google and download it as soon as possible.

    characteristics of the monster Castle APK for Android
    • build your Castle in an impenetrable fortress
    • raise an epic army of orcs, goblins, witches and many formidable monsters
    • battle with players from around the world and reap huge rewards
    • assemble an army to your liking from countless combinations of troops spells and Heroes
    • equip your castle with crossbows, spike, guns and flamethrowers for maximum defence
    • to lead the charge against the evil Sam in a campaign on the land of Monster
    Monster Castle Screenshot 1
  • Monster Castle APK latest Version

    • Win PvP battles to get moon cakes. Use your moon cakes collected in the portal of the Festival to get prices!
    • the background skin and full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival New Castle are free for a limited time!
    • new loading Page
    • a fearsome dragon made his way in the new page loading with cool new effects!
    • troop balance
    • adjusted his stats of some troops for more balanced and more strategic game.
  • apps comments

    very cool game. A bit like the confrontation of the clans. So far I like it. He plays every day. Nice and easy graphics for a child as well.

Monster Castle APK

Developer: Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited Version: condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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