Darkness reborn APK 1.4.0

Darkness reborn APK 1.4.0
  • the last APK Reborn dark put up to date 1.4.0. Play games must be one of the greatest experiences that people can enjoy their smart phone. Their phone is no longer support for communication only because it can also be a great support for the entertainment especially since there are so many apps game that can be downloaded and installed on their smart phone. One thing for sure, people who like to enjoy adventure and strategy game, darkness reborn for Android becomes the game that should not be missed to download. It comes with the design and the big story so people will be able to enjoy it a lot through their smart phone. The story of this game is associated with the world that is swallowed by the pandemonium and chaos. There is a Knight who is healed by the bad dragon.

    player will become the Warrior and facing the wrath of cursed Knight. The player must make the journey to the world of darkness, build strong band with friends and then conquer the bosses of Rift. Player must make the ultimate warrior and dominate the dynamic PvP battle. The player must also compete with other guilds in the game. Players can customize their heroes using various kinds of question. Contact information can be read by this game to add friends of game. There is no need to worry because the information will remain confidential since it will be encrypted.

    the new version of this game comes with the new character that can be played. There are also a few new mechanics in the game that allows them to engage enemies from a distance. Additional language support can also be found in the new version of the game. There is also a seasonal update so that players can enjoy the Visual display which can enhance the real world and changing direction. There is also the improvement of the automatic reading and fixed a bug.

    characteristics of darkness reborn 1.4.0 APK for Android
    • Warrior, a physical hard rock with destructive skills
    • Kunoichi, the ruthless assassin of darkness
    • Mage, the mysterious witch with a chakram dance
    • demon Hunter, penetrating the barriers with its storm of powerful and accurate of the arrow
    • I'll destroy anyone standing in my way. Savage, the axe Double Destruction!
    Darkness Reborn Screenshot 1
  • darkness Reborn APK 1.4.0 final Version

    • improved the mode 'Auto '.
    • roulette of the renewed city
  • Apps comments

    takes a lot of battery but has a lot of graphics and I think that's worth, worth.

Darkness Reborn APK

Developer: GAMEVIL Version: 1.4.0 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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