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Earth APK
  • Earth the new game The Walking No accursed APK was released. If you are fan of Walking Dead series Film, I am sure that you will like to enjoy another way to discover the thrill in walking dead movie. This game is definitely a great choice for you when you want to have a new experience to enjoy walking dead series. It is a game that will give you the adventure as one seeking the survival among the walkers that have been contaminated by the virus. Market game Land No. cursed is a strategy game that is played in the role model. You play a few characters to fight against zombies in turn tactical movements. You'll be fighting zombies as play chess, where you can spend your characters at certain stages and attack the zombies. There are certain strategies where you have to sacrifice or choose characters who act as a shield and as a striker.

    in this game, you will also be able to make your characters become stronger. Each battle that is being fought by the characters will enhance their experience. Then, you can also get some new weapons to fight the zombies. Different weapons will allow your characters to have the best attack of the zombies, and you can also find new armor for your characters. You will find also some extra challenges in this game to get exclusive rewards and this game can be played with other players also.

    this is the fun that awaits you when you have this Land of the big The Walking Dead No Man for android. This game gives you really nice graphics too which will make feel you surprised with the display. Stocks benefiting from the effect of the attack will be as you leave excited and become addicted to this game.

    characteristics of land of The Walking Dead No. Man APK for Android
    • fight through hordes of walkers combat tactical turn-based
    • form your surviving group and upgrade their weapons
    • choose who lives or dies and keep your walkers of hunting people trunk
    • terminus , Prison and other familiar places of AMC, The Walking Dead
    • join other players in fatal weekly challenges for exclusive rewards
    The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Screenshot 1
  • Earth APK last Version of the Walking Dead No Man

    • free daily calls radio
    • shop improved trade goods
    • New Challenge reward; now receive as rewards phones] Guild!
    • new type walker; Triggers
    • New challenge: Grenadier
    • the improvements and changes in Gameplay:
    • character health Boost is passed under a flat value to a percentage boost
    • Japanese and Chinese traditional location
  • Apps comments

    really addictive and very good. Only problem is that when you change your weapon and rags, that it does not show on the character, who would have been a nice touch. Very good but.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land APK

Developer: next games Oy Version: condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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