Fantastic war tactical APK 0.535

Fantastic war tactical APK 0.535
  • fantasy tactical war APK is available, the new version is 0.535. When you feel that you are really annoyed with your android, you should find the best game that will give you maximum pleasure. The game should be your choice when it comes to getting a lot of excitement and Smartphone Games. This game is a game of strategy that requires surely you behave while playing this game and thoughtful. Thanks to its system of game, this game will also increase some mental skills of players like stuff of decision and the provisions of the strategy. Here, I'll mention a few things that you will discover inside this game that will make feel you really happy.

    first of all, this game is represented with characters who are colourful. It is one of the attractions that this game has. The figure characters that are given are designed with good and of various colors that make the look of the characters come with details better which is pleasing to the eyes. In this Fantasy tactical war game, the game actually tells a war between warlords who intend to dominate the world.

    then, in this game, we'll just move your hero on the beach where he can attack. Some heroes also have a different range depending on his weapon. The range of motion is also limited to words, such as when he passes a mountain or water. In this Fantasy Tactics war for android, you will experience great things around the games. For example, you will find for about 12 regions and 180 dungeons here. In the game, you'll play also with 550 different Heroes you have since the beginning of the game at the end of the game itself. Then you will have to face for about 10 steps here and there will be some missions that appear in each of the steps that you must complete.

    characteristics of the tactics of war Fantasy 0.535 APK for Android
    • more fun with every listen!
    • discover & collect heroes!
    • start your journey to conquer the world!
    Fantasy War Tactics Screenshot 1
  • Fantasy tactical war APK 0.535 latest Version

    • added 3 new heroes (Deimos, Banshee and Spooky)
    • added 2 new packages (Deimos and Banshee)
    • library added in the sky - the courtroom of the tyrant
    • added Lost Island - Banshee
    • added September event Shop
    • Changed In - game Lobby image
    • added function 'send the shipment. again"
    • fixed bug
  • Apps comments

    game is awesome, so much depth to the battle system. The energy system does feel like a wall of pay, the only problem I encountered is set to items being expensive, but can craft shineys with reasonable grinding.

Fantasy War Tactics APK

Developer: company NEXON Version: 0.535 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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