iSlash hero APK 1.2.3

iSlash hero APK 1.2.3
  • Duello Games this puzzle slash game genre with the release of iSlash platforms Android APK Hero 1.2.3. This game is the sequel to the popular iSlash on Google games and Apps store. Like its predecessor, hero iSlash have assigned it, the ninja with the the death blow, to divide the Board on the screen as small as possible. But your job is not that easy, there are various obstacles that impede your sword to split the Board freely. You should avoid a set of shuriken turning within the area. If you touch shuriken, then you fail and the level was repeated. Shuriken are available in different types and sizes.

    sometimes there are also barriers to steel that cannot be penetrated by the swords. Thing that makes the game is different from previous iterations is their fight against the boss. Each pattern has its own strengths, such as smoke bombs, an expert in steel, timing controllers and so on. The smaller you cut the jury at this level, it also lowers the HP of the boss you encounter.

    there are two hundred levels that will accompany you for cutting board if you decide to download iSlash Heroes. Ready to test the speed and accuracy of your finger on the screen shot? This game will give you a challenge. Improve your skills in casual mode and when you're ready, unleash your inner Ninja for ultimate destruction. Easy to learn yet difficult to master, the two game modes offers with 0 levels packed with hours of fun!

    characteristics of the iSlash Hero 1.2.3 APK for Android
    • GAMEPLAY addictive
    • 2 MODES / / 0 levels (more to come)
    • defeat THE EVIL Boss
    iSlash Heroes Screenshot 1
  • iSlash hero APK 1.2.3 latest Version

    • 15 new levels making it a total of 440 levels! More to come!
    • a new energy system
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Apps comments

    my favorite game. I expect this type of game with good graphics. Good game. Keep it up and give time to new dates.

iSlash Heroes APK

Developer: Duello games Version: 1.2.3 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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