Solo Launcher APK 2.6.9

Solo Launcher APK 2.6.9
  • solo Launcher APK 2.6.9 is one of the best pitcher that can be found by people in their android. About it, people will find that the appearance of their Launcher will be different, because in this launcher, they will be more comfortable to use in their android. This launcher was also Top 3 on Google Play in the category of the Launcher. This means that it will show impressive and different for people in their android. People will find more advantages when installing this launcher in their android because it can save memory space and make the phone smooth and pleasant to use.

    in addition, the Android Launcher solo can also do better than another pitcher because it can clean speed increases, cache, clear storage and even save memory faster than the other pitcher. It will be useful because more space inside the Android would cause the Android run faster. Moreover, people also find many themes simple and also wallpapers in this Android Launcher so that people can choose the one that is suitable for their android. Related to it, to change the theme and the wallpaper is also easy and simple so that people don't worry when they want to change their theme and wallpaper.

    the most important finding themselves in this launcher is that individuals can protect the privacy of users with the new plugin lockers. It will be useful for people. In addition, people can also find smart settings that can help people to put their Solo Launcher for Android android device. For this reason, people don't worry when they installed it in their android. The benefits will be obtained for those without any difficulty. The most important that should be done by people in this one, it is only by looking at the characteristics that can help them to do well with their android.

    characteristics of the Solo 2.6.9 APK for Android Launcher
    • search for Information
    • clean & restore
    • Quick gestures
    • tinkering with Photos
    • beautiful themes
    Solo Launcher Screenshot 1
  • Solo Launcher APK 2.6.9 latest Version

    • tailored to Android 6.0 , above all to experience.
    • optimized performance, more stable.
    • improve the problem of notification of cleaning that occur frequently.
  • apps comments

    wallpaper still need fixing, I prefer the old version where I can adjust my own pic in any size, I want that he (full or half). So clean so good so good and so elegant.

Solo Launcher APK

Developer: Solo Launcher team Version: 2.6.9 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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