The shock of the Lords 2 APK 1.0.214

The shock of the Lords 2 APK 1.0.214
  • clash of the Lords 2 APK arrives with its new version 1.0.214. It is a game that requires strategy as its main tower. Here, as a gamer will he must control all types of hero, organize the city with a complete defence, and of course to have a battle with some groups of the enemy. With these three main parts, a player will be spoiled with so much pleasure and fun moments. The game, in fact, is not as scary or exciting as the title. We'll probably think that this game is exciting and very masculine. But does it says differently, enjoy the game and have more fun. The mechanism of this game is divided into two different parts.

    in the first part, a player must make a defense system to protect cities, including choosing a good hero to defend. You can order the hero to attack other cities in a second. A player can choose one of the many different heroes. Then a player can use with a lot of abilities and superpowers and guns too much. In addition, a player can also make buildings as a place to defend and protect a single city. It is very important also to combat the enemy who is trying to colonize.

    clash of Lords 2 is a spontaneous game that is very interesting to play. The graph and the system is also fun and easy to use. You may have no other game instead. The interesting part is still to come; How to take advantage of this game is to have fun with it and its mechanism simple and interesting. There is no way and the reason to not love this one. It's worth a try because it's simply we help to escape from a busy world called ourselves and employment. Try it once and be wary to get addicted!

    characteristics of the shock of the Lords 2 1.0.214 APK for Android
    • take Charge in the shock of the Lords 2!
    • mercenary Mania!
    • exciting and easy to play!
    • the Wild Bunch are here in the shock of the Lords 2!
    • play with your settings in the shock of the Lords 2!
    • Guild Fellowship!
    • free-to-Play!
    Clash of Lords 2 Screenshot 1
  • Clash of the Lords 2 APK 1.0.214 latest Version

    • a new hero, Rath joined the shock!
    • new Mega glory egg.
    • new Lv 40 enchant skills added to Bullhead, landslide, Blockhead, and books.
    • new Back to School packages and events.
    • has increased the max level for selected buildings.
    • new Coliseum rewards.
    • , you can now edit material training Coliseum.
    • , you can now view heroes help training your opponents in the trials of heroes.
  • apps comments

    I like this game so much because of all the exciting game modes. Kudos to the developers!

Clash of Lords 2 APK

Developer: IGG Version: 1.0.214 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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