Slither.IO APK 1.4.4

Slither.IO APK 1.4.4
  • APK 1.4.4 is a simple but very nice game. This game was developed by the Thorntree Studios and now arrives on android free. We can play this game on low end android device, with android 2.3 as minimum specifications that can certainly be played by the majority of android users. In addition to simple, the game is so addictive. We need internet connection if you want to play this game because this game is a game online.

    , you play as a small snake that kept running. Your task is to take the points colored on the arena so that grow you and stretch. You are not allowed to be planted in another snake, if you hit another snake, then you will be destroyed and become flaky points, which may be eaten by other players and you start "little snake". If you have already played old snake game, this game is similar to the game. But the difference in this game, you play online against people in the world.

    you need to think about the strategy that you don't hit other snakes. In addition, you can set one policy for another snake crash into you, then you can eat the flakes of the snake. Very exciting! When you have already long size, you can circle the other snakes so they hit you. It is one of the strategies. In addition, you can also move block other snakes. So far, the game gets pretty good note on the Google game. And I think that this game has a unique, enhanced, gameplay from the old game.

    characteristics of the 1.4.4 APK for Android
    • play against other people online!
    • free
    • the largest snake of the day allows you to set a message of victory that the whole world will see!
    Screenshots Screenshot 1
  • APK 1.4.4 latest Version

    • update of skins!
    • compatible with the new version of Android!
  • critical applications

    Love the graphics and colors. Totally cute snake. I'm so hooked that I don't play even Agario more.

slither io APK

Developer: Thorntree Studios Version: 1.4.4 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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