Alto adventure APK 1.3

Alto adventure APK 1.3
  • adventure APK from alto version 1.3 has been released, upon its release on iOS some time ago, he received the Gold Medal of Pocket Gamer for sublime graphic display and also the gameplay is quite simple. Yesterday, the game finally comes to Android smartphone users. The developer expects a snowboarding game that is natural, fluid, fast and fun. It's about you will find after they take the essence of snowboarding and she translated a set of 2 years. Adventure Viola contains levels that are constantly changing each time you play.

    there are six characters with different abilities that you can use. It is an extra clothes you can buy that will make legendary wingsuit of Alto adventure game has completely changed since at the bottom of a hill, so it can fly above the ground. In this game you move characters Alto of skating with the beloved of Snowboard and went in front of a beautiful landscape. In the adventure, you will respond with a variety of things like llamas, the treacherous ravines and met with the guards of the mountain.

    the beauty of the graphics in this game is undoubtedly the main attraction. The developers of games, built by snowman, do not hesitate to mention that they were inspired by the style of the graphics used on the trip and the Windosill. The developer also mentioned that they are more determined to make the Viola adventure is paid after the game Monument Valley harvest success using the same model.

    adventure 1.3 characteristics of Alto for Android APK
    • fluid, graceful and exhilarating gameplay physics-based
    • procedurally generated from field of real-world snowboarding
    • fully dynamic lighting and effects weather, including thunderstorms, snowstorms, fog, Rainbows, stars, and more
    • easy to learn hard to master a trick system
    • button
    • string together combos to maximize points and speed
    • Test of your skills with 180 goals handmade
    • find out six unique snowboarders, each with their own special attributes and capabilities
    • challenge your friends. Compete for the best score high and better distance best combo of stuff!
    • acquire the wingsuit of
    • Izel workshop for a whole new dynamic gameplay beautifully minimalist and evocative Visual design
    • original music and audio made by hand for one ambient and immersive experience (helmet recommended!)
    Alto’s Adventure Screenshot 1
  • adventure Alto APK 1.3 latest Version

    • added Google Cloud Save game! Just connect to Google play games to make your progress saved - cloud it will use the record with the longest playing time.
    • , we also have video watch more effective data (perhaps cause videos to slow charge - but save your data).
    • fixed the bug "crash after the announcement!
  • apps comments

    great, Simple, intuitive. A great game with great design language which is simply amazing. The controls are simple (typing and taking), and the movement is very fluid. Glad to see that the Android version is finally here, and there is no visible lag.

Alto's Adventure APK

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc. Version: 1.3 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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