Dawn of the gods APK 1.4.3

Dawn of the gods APK 1.4.3
  • published by Aeria Games and developed by time U9, Dawn of gods APK 1.4.3 is the latest strategy game has just been released on Android. For you fans of Clash of Clans, maybe this game could be an alternative if you want to try a similar strategy game genre. In this game, players are required to build and expand his empire to the way to defeat other players. Players must collect the gods of Mythology past to help their soldiers to achieve this goal. Players can take advantage of the gods as Zeus, Odin, and much more, because there are more than 150 gods and goddesses of Mythology are different in this game, which is drawn from Scandinavian, Greek, Egyptian, and other mythological.

    each God has a unique skill that can be used on the battlefield, and they will continue to strengthen, as the experience can be. Players can sacrifice to a God who is weak to strengthen their main deity. Even God can be reborn in the form of stronger still.

    Dawn of Gods includes battle six modes are varied, some of them are solo conquest mode, where players search for the location of the cities of the world to carry the loot, there is battle mode PvP, where the attack was carried out to determine the position of the players on the leaderboard. Like a newborn God, you unite the other gods of ancient cultures of the world under your leadership. Use their power in the fight to destroy the bases of the enemy player and defend your own. There is also a multiplayer mode that can be played with friends by forming alliances, before the fight.

    characteristics of Dawn of Gods 1.4.3 APK for Android
    • Summon and collect more than 150 legendary gods and heroes of the Greek, Vikings and Egyptian myths Classics
    • to update your gods and their becoming powerful new forms
    • design your winning strategy with from countless base-building options
    • achieve total domination in six modes of uphill battle
    • to harness the power of the gods to the assault of the enemy bases in combat strategic PvP and climb the ranks
    • forms an alliance with friends, support each other in the battle and crush rival players together
    • Conquer towns in the PvE world and gain valuable resources to expand your empire
    • save your favorite - fighting training spend less planning time and play time of plus
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  • dawn of gods APK 1.4.3 latest Version

    • The Gods got a facelift with a Launcher screen and app icon brand new!
    • our Gnomes have worked hard and have fixed a battlefield, display problems.
  • apps comments

    I love this game. It is by far good strategy game for mobile devices. The armies are familiar so that if you have played other strategy games, you will feel at home.

Dawn of Gods APK

Developer: Aeria Games Version: 1.4.3 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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