Ensuring the Racer APK 2.3

Ensuring the Racer APK 2.3
  • traffic Racer APK 2.3 has been released. Get an amazing game will be the best choice for people to refresh their mind because of their activity. This effect, people can choose the idea of racer game traffic in their android. The game will give satisfaction to the people when they play this game in their android. The satisfaction one found in this game, it's that people will find the big screen for this game. The features that is offered for this game is also great so that people will have a comfortable during the game. In addition, the game is also interesting because in this game, players will drive the car through road traffic. In this one, they'll find money win, improve the car and by the new.

    However, although this app seems simple, people will find that in this game, they will find some obstacles while at the wheel of the car in a traffic. This challenge will be one of the reasons why this game is interesting. Moreover, people also find that some features may give other satisfactions for the player during the game this game. Related to this, people will find that this game is great graphics 3D, smooth and realistic car handling.

    in addition, this game also has 31 different that can be chosen as their car. Runner traffic has also 5 game modes so that people can choose the one that fits their game. The rule of this game is that people will find multiple partitions when driving the fastest car. Because of this, people should focus to play because they need the scores more to pass so that they can buy other cars, or upgrading their car have well. In addition, the game will be constantly updated so that people will not be bored in this game.

    Racer APK for Android 2.3 traffic characteristics
    • super smooth and realistic car handling
    • 3D graphics
    • 31 different cars to choose
    • 5 detailed environments: suburban, desert, snow, rain and night town
    • 5 game modes: endless, bidirectional, against-watch, Police Chase and Free Ride
    • rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and sport utility vehicles.
    • through the paint and wheels
    • basic customization
    • online leaderboards and achievements
    Traffic Racer Screenshot 1
  • traffic Racer APK 2.3 latest Version

    • added 3 new cars
    • graphics updated a few model cars
    • bug fixes and improvements
  • Apps comments

    this game is average more fun, then I never waited! On my camera, it works perfectly.

Traffic Racer APK

Developer: Soner Kara Version: 2.3 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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