Google News & weather APK 2.5.2

Google News & weather APK 2.5.2
  • Google News APK version 2.5.2 (105241914) is the good application that must be downloaded by you. As a social being, man needs to get the latest news to their similar update. Every day it takes the new moment you need to know. The news will give you the information on the situation taking place in contemporary times. There must be useful information that can help you find the way through life. Information for you is like food that can give you the energy to find new things. This application can be downloaded from the store to play on your android. It won't be easy to download and it's also the free app for you.

    there is a lot of information, article, sport, business, and much more. Thanks to this application for smart phone you gen also get information on the weather forecast. There is also the popular web information international such as Hollywood information, Nasa and many others. You who want to get entertainment will get information about the entertainment of this application news. Information of history, sport and popular technology will be easy to read.

    , you need to download this app. There are 65,000 publication information will be in you smart phone. This app allows you to get the latest information and the most popular history that occur every day. The news of Google for Android is one of the best applications that should apply to your smart phone. You will get the news and information easily. You can read popular information everywhere and every time. Android technology makes your life easier and your android will be complete when there is this application in your phone or tablet.

    Google News & weather features 2.5.2 APK for Android
    • coverage of 65 000 publications
    • Simple shot-access to categories such as Top Stories, technology, Sports, & time
    • set your layout with one of the 60 editions specific to each country, the home screen widgets and personalized news sections like 'Hollywood', "the NASA. , 'Fashion' or anything else that catches your fancy
    • press any story for a selection of in-depth points of view, including items of background, opinions and perspectives local
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  • new 'Suggested For You' section tablet with stories on topics that are interesting to you
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  • or Google News & weather APK 2.5.2 latest Version

    • Notifications for important news pushed to your phone Apps reviews

      it's really big. It summarizes all the news and this is the most important. Foreign editions also work very well.

  • Google News APK

    Developer: Google Inc. Version: 2.5.2 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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