Kill Me Again: Infectors APK 1.9.2

Kill Me Again: Infectors APK 1.9.2
  • kill Me Again: Infectors APK available who is now the current version is 1.9.2. Become the great army will be something good for you. Here, you will have the chance to be the large army through the android game. In order to be the real army in the best military sense, you can download the game as your choice. Well, this game is sort of the great game that increases your adrenaline. There are some issues that may be your details below. In this game, you will have a mission to kill a lot of zombie. Well, kill the zombie is the strategy to hold the city free of the disease. In this game, you will be able to join another army with the same mission.

    many of the zombie killing will also able to give the more points allowing you to increase your skills. In the game, you will find also some kinds of guns. On the other hand, the levels of the game will increase the sense of your challenge. In the game, you will find a few levels here. To reach the level, you must kill more zombies. However, in order to prevent the city of the zombie, you must upgrade your weapon. Here, sometimes weapons are not free.

    in this case, it will be better for you to see the details of it before downloading. In order to download this Kill Me Again: Infectors for Android, you must go to the store to play for free download. With the score of 4.4 next, it will give the best chart for you. On the other hand, this game has 49MB in size. You must have the 2.3 versions of android type or more to play this game.

    Kill Me Again features: Infectors 1.9.2 APK for Android
    • free puzzle block movement allows the merc do several games at a glance. Much more complex reconciliation system.
    • there is no game turns when fighting swarms of undead. Be quick and plan your attacks in real time, or you'll be soon overwhelmed.
    • listen to the barrage of shots from the mercs on the barricades and the cacophony swelling of moans and screams in this terrifying thriller.
    • craft of hundreds of weapons hardcore with scientific improvements, designed to disable and destroy the mutant monsters.
    • train your mercenary to survive each raid on the city covered with zombie.
    • make sure you are ready for the horror meet you with grenades, adrenaline syringes and support of cruise missiles.
    • there no humanity left in these mutants in decomposition. Shoot them down.
    • save survivors and escort them to your safe house to rebuild a semblance of society.
    • Equip and improve your arsenal of weapons of mutant - killing.
    • go on missions at the heart of the horde death defying and earn quick money for new supplies.
    Kill Me Again : Infectors Screenshot 1
  • Kill Me Again: APK Infectors 1.9.2 latest Version

    • TOAST logo to change the HANGAME logo
    • logos TOAST all removed
    • Fixed Bug
  • Apps comments

    no problems so far, except on the rocks this game hard to read like to play to the uses it also to the top of the battery fast. Love him

Kill Me Again Infectors APK

Developer: NHN Corp. PixelCube Version: 1.9.2 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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