OnePlus Gallery APK 1.2.0

OnePlus Gallery APK 1.2.0
  • OnePlus Gallery APK is now available and the most recent version is 1.2.0. All the smartphone are equipped by default with the camera to capture the moment. And these devices also usually come with Gallery application that serves as a place to browse the photos captured by the camera, including images or videos that are transferred or recorded from other sources. OnePlus who has some features want to make their users happy and feel also different experience when reminisce through photographs. By launching the application new gallery called Gallery more than a specially designed for their device. OnePlus calls the simplified application.

    , it is appropriate for those who want the gallery with tips and interesting features, on the other hand with applications on other smartphones Gallery. This app can be found in the game Google store. Although specifically will be used by users of 2 OnePlus with OxygenOS 2.2.1 but the company confirmed in support of other variants in the future. If we talk about the features, this app offers you all the basic features of the existing gallery app

    in addition, OnePlus Gallery poster background black, and collection of related photos automatically appears and editing simple tool crop the images and rotate. One important thing that the application offers high speed. This application is relatively light, the total size that must be downloaded by the user is only 1, 3MB. The interface is super intuitive, simplified and not let not your head spins with 1 million options. So far, the reviews are very diverse.

    characteristics of OnePlus Gallery APK for Android 1.2.0
    • fast and easy to use
    • easy Assembly
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    • release
  • Apps comments

    fast, easy to use , but this could be his weakness. Needs some more basic editing features. I really like the organizing function.

OnePlus Gallery APK

Developer: OnePlus Ltd. Version: 1.2.0 condition: 5.0 and upwards price: free


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