Smash Hit APK 1.4.0

Smash Hit APK 1.4.0
  • the last Smash Hit APK is 1.4.0 version which you can download easily. It is a simple game which will take you on an exciting journey. This game can be played in any Android device and with this game, you will get on a surreal journey. There will be a unique supernatural dimension for to conquer you. You will need to move forward to crush everything standing in your way. Move in harmony with the sound of the backdrop and also the lively music. Here is more information on Smash Hit for Android. All you need to play the game is of course concentration, focus and management of time as well. You will control the ball moving during the game, and you have to be quick but accurate.

    you must break each permanent obstacle on your way. When you move, there will be sounds beautiful backdrop and music that will accompany you throughout. There will be more than 50 rooms with different difficulty level available in the game. There are also more than 10 different graphic styles that you can enjoy during the game. You can play the game with ease and no cost at all. The graphics of the game is stunning and HD. Thus, the game is really worth every minute.

    If you want to keep the new level of the game without bugging of ads and many others yet, you can upgrade the game to the level of the premium. You will be able to get new game modes. You also gain detailed statistics of your performance as well. Most importantly, you will be able to get the power to continue the game of control points, if you fail. Download Smash hit for Android now and enter into a surreal journey that will take you hours to play the game.

    characteristics of the Smash Hit 1.4.0 APK for Android
    • smash your way through a nice futuristic dimension, breaking barriers and targets in your path and live the best physical destruction on mobile devices.
    • musically synchronized gameplay: audio effects and music change to suit every step, obstacles are moving to each new tune.
    • more than 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles and realistic glass-breaking mechanical in every step.
    Smash Hit Screenshot 1
  • Smash Hit APK 1.4.0 Latest Version

    • Local multiplayer modes: Versus and co-op
    • high-resolution active
    • fixes
  • Apps comments

    's so wonderfully done it. A visual treat and challenging without being frustrating. I like it.

Smash Hit APK

Developer: low Version: 1.4.0 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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