Superuser APK 3.1.3

Superuser APK 3.1.3
  • superuser APK is the popular application that can be the best reference for you and now the latest 3.1.3 version. It is the application which aims to the special account of a user especially for system administration. Depending on the operating system, this account has also other names like admin, administrator, root, and supervisor. Sometimes, these names can't be just as meaningful. But, it is possible to attribute of the user. Meanwhile on Unix-like system, there are also some users who use a UID with zero. They will be the superuser because of their account names. Well, you can also find the concept in operating systems. For your information, this application is generally recommended for most of the applications that uses ordinary account. How can we? It is because his regular account may not be able to change system widely. This is why you must add this application.

    so, how to operate in Android? Well, you can actually use this app on your android. It will automatically give the user's initial report. In addition, you can also run the ability to root via sudo. But, you must also configure for your password before taking administrative action. Well, for some cases the real version of the root account is disabled by default action. So it cannot be used directly. In addition, this access will be also inaccessible by design. But, you can use the security system that used to get. Then, on Plan 9, you do not find this App

    after that, what about using this application on Unix-like? Well, the root will be the classic username that has all rights or provision for work with all modes. You can also find alternative names as baron in BeOs and avatar to some unix variants. In addition, BSD also offers the toor or root account. So, for your information, the root user can do anything ordinary user can't do. For example, they will be able to edit the file property. Then they can also bind the network ports that were numbered lower than 1024. What are the other features you will get by using the root account? Due to its mode of origin, the root becomes the only account you can use to change the root directory of the Unix system. Finally, these are all discussions on the superuser for Android you can use. Of course, it will give you good things.

    characteristics of the superuser 3.1.3 APK for Android

    requested permissions are for:

    • Internet - update the binary
    • external storage - backup/restore for users of the elites
    • NFC - creating a tag to allow for users of the elites
    • completed Boot - database fix at startup
    Superuser Screenshot 1
  • Superuser APK 3.1.3 last Version

    • the difficulty update some corrections.
    • version 3.1.3 superuser presents the complete changelog of corrections.
    • this new version fix CF erros on ICS 4.0.4
    • this message CWM Touch version fix
    • this version is compatible with ICS Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Apps comments

    user interface is better than the old app. If you have rooted device, you can easily use this application.

Superuser APK

Developer: ChainsDD Version: 3.1.3 condition: varies with device price: free


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