Angry Birds 2 APK 2.9.0

Angry Birds 2 APK 2.9.0
  • the latest version of Angry Birds 2 APK is available. You can easily download 2.9.0 for Android. Game franchise never swap the "Angry Bird" Rovio released another installation of the game called Angry Birds 2 for the Android platform. Originally published by the developer of the Finnish game Rovio for the iOS platform, the trivial game has grown in popularity since then, which is the reason why he gradually develops even more popular and triggers the brand to expand the franchise and reach other platform beyond the kingdoms of Android. With a share of bronze to put the game in the App Store, it is successful to be a mark of a game that wins a lot of recognition both players and non-players compared to other games sold on the App store. Actually, this game can be more or less similar in terms of popularity and recognition as his platform to debut; the iPhone.

    since the developer of this game has managed to milk franchise by making it a lot of goods and many new titles, we managed to find at least 13 new titles made from the original gameplay, if they share pretty much the same gameplay mechanics, or maybe it's a different game world and the universe of avian anger the game continues to be a nice game to pass the time. But as much as it is, but it's actually quite strange that we manage only satisfy 2 angry birds, which shares many similarities with the original game on the level of the surface rather than fill his role as successor.

    in essence, the new game of this game starts with the premise of flight by the big bad pigs the egg. Well, there are a lot of improvements in this game in terms of visual, music, and animation too. However, Rovio has decided to give the same mechanical game play that the original angry birds who fight all catapult them birds like the balls (that sounds off, I know, but you get the idea!). However, it does not stop there because there are also some new features included here and there to make sure that players of Angry Bird 2 for Android can improve their game experience.

    characteristics of the Angry Birds 2 2.9.0 APK for Android
    • choose your bird!
    Angry Birds 2 Screenshot 1
  • Angry Birds APK 2 2.9.0 latest Version

    • new hats! Have a Pirate party, going to the beach or look cool at school!
    • panic pig King: for daily challenge Pros! Beat these levels earn rewards even bigger!
    • pig behavior: rule-breakers have been disciplined.
    • new PIGS ON THE BLOCK: Beware of the beams and tours!
    • new chapters: the Hamazonas & Copacabacon!
  • apps comments

    the best angry birds game so far. Love graphics. The game is really fun and it keeps you interested. Glad to see angry birds is still there and growing. Keep up the good work.

Angry Birds 2 APK

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd., Version: 2.9.0 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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