APK 1.27.4 world leader

APK 1.27.4 world leader
  • Global Chief APK 1.27.4 was released, this is the last version for Android. Point social, the developer of the city of Dragon game just released their latest mobile game called world leader for Android and iOS devices. In this game you will control a restaurant and hiring professional chefs to practice firms. The first time you play, you must specify the name of the restaurant and also looking for a reliable leader. You will continue to try to reach the largest possible profit to decorate the restaurant becomes better and bigger.

    in addition, you can also recruit better chefs around the world. Leaders can share recipes between them and present a most delicious dishes. The better your restaurant's reputation, then the celebrities would often come and become your regular customers.

    in fact, if your reputation is already high enough, you can host and create a party with celebrities. Compared to other games of restaurant of simulators that use, speed and time management global leader presents different gameplay. You have the objective to build, decorate, and be the best restaurant ever.

    characteristics of the World Chief 1.27.4 APK for Android
    • create, customize and run your own gourmet restaurant!
    • buy fresh ingredients and cook delicious dishes more.
    • use your fine dishes to the customers from all over the world!
    • your best recipes with other heads of the trade!
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  • Global Chief APK 1.27.4 latest Version

    • they have finally arrived: the VIP! Now you can invite celebrities to your restaurant, but note that they are demanding! You will need to do your best to satisfy them.
    • there is a new track of progress! Collect popularity points to be able to unlock special features, upgrades, VIP collections.
    • discover the Design Studio! You will be able to design exclusive decorations for free! Do not wait a minute to open it!
  • apps comments

    in a first time I expected it comes to like diner dash. I was wrong! There are a lot of details. But I like it! It is really simple to get diamonds. And you get to make your your restaurant.

World Chef APK

Developer: socialpoint Version: 1.27.4 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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