Cartoon Wars 3 APK 1.2.1

Cartoon Wars 3 APK 1.2.1
  • cartoon Wars 3 APK has been released and it is available free for Android. The most recent version is 1.2.1. The title is familiar to lovers of Tower defense game because the gameplay comes with attractive and entertaining graphics. Following two previous series, Cartoon War 3 is present to respond to the desire of the lovers of this game. Features that ever existing in the Cartoon War 1 and 2 were always presented in this game, of course, equipped with several features that make it more attractive. Cartoon Wars 3 can be played online with several types of gameplay. RAID, players can steal the fortune of opposing players to strengthen his own village. Seat, players can join up to 7 players and attack another village. Have you managed to defeat the opponent? Or even you were lost when attacked by 7 other behind. Battle of the team, the players joined with a team containing four players and attack each other.

    another new feature is the feature of the invocation, where players can get additional forces (in addition to the basic forces) with different skills and different forces. Players can also upgrade, combine, evolve and strengthen with runes available so that the Tower belonging to become stronger.

    in addition there are over 0 quests in the game that you can fix. And unique, you need to do in advance to determine the pursuit, who attacked first, and who must survive. You can also send troops you have to explore the binder content in the Cartoon Wars 3 to get a new unit, EXP, or other gifts. And of course, there are exciting events you can play every day to get a bonus every day.

    characteristics of Cartoon Wars 3 APK for Android 1.2.1
    • strategic defense tower
    • strategically assemble your army and destroy the opposing Tower.
    • use your arrow Launcher to defend your Castle against incoming enemy units.
    • improve your units
    • pushed your units to upgrade or improve!
    • acquire stronger characters evolving and combining!
    • battle MODES
    • choose between new modes of combat.
    • invite your friends for a Team Battle!
    • prove your worth in Raid!
    Cartoon Wars 3 Screenshot 1
  • Cartoon Wars 3 APK 1.2.1 latest Version

    • "6 * unit Upgrade" improved
    • 'Hard' mode, has added new stadiums
    • added "Daily dungeons" tutorial improved
    • bugs
  • Apps comments

    If you are a fan of the cartoon war then this is what you need to get then! I played all the other wars cartoon and I like this one the best! It is different and feel at home just like the rest.

Cartoon Wars 3 APK

Developer: GAMEVIL Version: 1.2.1 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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