CM Security Antivirus AppLock APK 3.0.6

CM Security Antivirus AppLock APK 3.0.6
  • CM Security Antivirus AppLock APK has been updated to 3.0.6. Indeed, it has been usual, if we never get viruses in our devices, like Android, laptop, Tablet, etc. However, viruses are not something that you should let them be easily. If you do nothing, they will eventually damage your own devices. One of the ways that you can do to get rid of the virus is to install this app. It's quite famous antivirus application. You must have heard before. Did you know that? He was 7 times already for the CM security get the Oscar for being the number 1 antivirus application filed by AV-TEST etc. which rigorously evaluates applications antivirus based on different things, like how good softs detect viruses, usability are apps,. With this extreme consideration, you can be sure of the quality of top class applications by AV-TEST.

    well, the kind of protection, I am talking about the security of the CM is not on virus protection only. It can protect your privacy with application locking function too. There are Apps to lock that will lock your contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc from anyone. There are parameters of locking to avoid buying unwanted applications, games, etc. There are also Privacy Lock lock gallery, photos and files that you do not want anyone to see.

    there are intruders AppLock function Selfie in this app also who will take a photo of someone who gave the wrong password twice when trying to open locked in your Android. In this way, you can know who is trying to snoop on your privacy. To tell you the truth, there still many features left to talk about this CM Security Antivirus AppLock for Android. But those above should have shown how this app is for you.

    characteristics of the CM Security Antivirus AppLock 3.0.6 APK for Android
    • safer than the safest: intruder Selfie of AppLock
    • professional and totally free App lock (locker app password):
    • with the application to crash, you can protect your privacy:
    • security Wi - FI
    CM Security Antivirus AppLock Screenshot 1
  • CM Security Antivirus AppLock APK 3.0.6 latest Version

    • now create a shortcut of your your favorite Web sites on the homepage navigation secure by simply clicking (+) tab
    • If you like to share your thoughts on the new article / news updated, you'll love the new section of the comments under each article of safe browsing
    • detect bandwidth occupation apps & solve them in the Wi - Fi analysis , which increases efficiency while
  • comments Apps data transfer

    this is a very good software. Its so useful. I really like this app. It keeps me safe with my phone.

CM Security Antivirus AppLock APK

Developer: Cheetah Mobile Version: 3.0.6 condition: varies with device price: free


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