Color switch APK 4.5.3

Color switch APK 4.5.3
  • color switch APK is coming with the new 4.5.3 version. Have a smartphone with old spec, does not mean that we cannot enjoy good quality game. Without incriminating the character and gameplay, color switch invite you to forget for the moment, the work and the burden of the spirit. Simple game than the game of colors and objects that are pleasantly designed. Your job is only to help the ball in order to pass the obstacles in the way. To control it, you just touch the ball with your fingers.

    as flappy bird, if you never play this game then you think this game is similar to flappy birds. We must keep the pace of the game, to train our patience and concentration. However, if the flappy have horizontal gameplay, in this game you will play in the vertical box. In addition, you do not play like a bird, but here you play as a bouncing ball. You must pass through the obstacles of the same color, you will lose if you hit the ball in different colors.

    at the beginning of the game, you will encounter obstacles that not easily. However, do not underestimate, the more you play, you will face obstacles more and more complex. As flappy birds, you you will upset when you are not able to pass obstacles in this game, you must start over. This game has quite good design, with a black background allows us to focus on the existing color. Although it seems simple, but this game has been downloaded more than 10 million users.

    characteristics of the switch color 4.5.3 APK for Android
    • free
    • , you must follow the pattern of color on each hurdle.
    • caution do not go through the bad color, otherwise you will go back.
    Color Switch Screenshot 1
  • color switch APK 4.5.3 latest Version

    • new endless mode: Dodge
    • 25 new levels (breaking bricks - dodge-)
    • difficulty endless spin (+ challenges 23-24...)
    • difficulty level 59 Dodge
    • Fix loop brick on some levels (a powerup will appear when the ball is blocked)
    • 3 new balls
  • Apps comments

    very simple fun through challenging levels. The concept is easy to obtain, he Masters takes however much more efforts. The best game of its kind to date.

Color Switch APK

Developer: game of Fortafy Version: 4.5.3 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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