Facebook Messenger APK

Facebook Messenger APK
  • Facebook Messenger APK is available with the latest version This app allows people to stay in touch with their friends even when they travel. This free social networking application has many practical features in a hurry too. You may send private messages and individually to your friends, a chat room, or basically anyone listed in your mobile contacts. In addition, you can also create maps with groups without having to physically meet and you can also use the app to map the location you are and stay up to date with the latest information, but also the news from your friends. This application also sends an instant notification that inform you about new messages and others, so you'll never miss a thing.

    it works almost identical to the PC version, but it has been changed in a way that allows to be displayed correctly by mobile platforms. It also de facto mobile applications in which your messages are kept for Facebook and stored inside. It may not look like much, however, it is always possible that sometimes, you only want to send messages on Facebook without doing anything else. This app allows you to wrap the messages on the go. If you wish to stay connected even when you're away from your laptop or a personal computer, you can download this application and install it on your android device.

    there are advantages and disadvantages that you might want to know, although several. The pros of Facebook Messenger is nice and convenient design cat heads for you help connect you with your friends on Facebook even easier. The disadvantages of using this is that the application has this annoying pop-up messages that ask you to invite others to install and use the application. Also, it is not a video call feature and deleted the short messaging features that we used to have. However, the application is still the best way to stay in touch with your contacts Facebook via your mobile Android device, even when you are away from your laptop or your computer.

    features of Facebook Messenger APK for Android
    • group of cats
    • Photos and videos
    • cat calls free heads
    • bring your conversations to life with stickers.
    • get an overview of your gallery photos and videos without leaving the conversation, so choose the perfect to send.
    • save voice messages when you have to say.
    Facebook Messenger Screenshot 1
  • Facebook Messenger APK latest Version

    • , now you can see your history of calls and calls - all in one place.
  • apps comments

    the app is great, it's a good thing seen the Messenger to be its own App

Facebook Messenger APK

Developer: Facebook Version: condition: varies with device price : free


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