Toy Blast APK 2628

Toy Blast APK 2628
  • Blast APK 2628 toy was released. If you want to find a good game to stimulate the development of the brain of your children, you can give them your Smartphone puzzle game. I will recommend the most interesting puzzle game that has been loved by many people today and this toy Blast for android game. It is a game where you match several blocks which are made with a unique gameplay. Toy Blast game, you become a player who helps Amy to get his toys. You will play for blocks that were provided for obtaining toys for Amy. You will need to play carefully too because you have limited movement for change and matching colors so you better think carefully.

    then, when you're success in matching the block, there will be some effects display which will be interesting in my eyes. This kind of display effects is probably good to make your children feel happy. There are many features that is given for this explosion of toy. First of all, cute colored with Amy graphics in the side will provide probably sweet and beautiful photo. You will be able to make a beautiful game with less worry and bother because the look of the game please your eyes well. This game will surely make children feel too happy with the friendliness he gives and the sharp look in colors and shapes that are given here.

    now let us enjoy this breath of toy for android for the murder of our trouble. There are many levels that come with views and difficulties which will certainly excite us. Then we also have the ranking for the score you make via the internet to allow you to fight and compete with your friends or other players.

    characteristics of the Blast 2628 APK for Android toy
    • great graphics and gameplay unique
    • all sorts of lovely toys. cars, rockets, dolls, stuffed animals and much more...
    • so many levels with exciting puzzles
    • many boosters along the way to help Amy. vacuum cleaners, drills, buckets, brushes, tnts, rotors and so on...
    • Awards spectacular and additional bonuses unlocked after levels past
    • easy and fun to play but hard to master
    • Facebook Leaderboards to compete with your friends and your competitors!
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  • Toy Blast APK 2628 latest Version

    • play 20 new levels! Welcome to our Beauty Salon! We wish you good-appearance. A team of trained artists are ready to make you look your absolute best. A warm and friendly environment will help you relax.
  • apps comments

    this game is very nice. I like the fact that it has different tasks to fill out so it's not boring.

Toy Blast APK

Developer: Peak games Version: 2628 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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