Aircraft Simulator 3D APK 1.0.4

Aircraft Simulator 3D APK 1.0.4
  • for those who already wanted to be a pilot and also flying the real aircraft, the presence of 3D APK 1.0.4 Flight Simulator really meet you. It offers the most realistic with 3D animations and graphic experiences. You can start the engines, release the encourage internally and feel also the powers of realistic plans like flying through the many beautiful places. In other words, this feature allows players to explore the worlds of flying with the quality that have not existed before. The game features is completed by the highly detailed with ultra realistic physics plans massive.

    with this game, you can take the seat on the flight deck and also to conquer the sky as real. The main features on this game are variously. These include the 24 + or real life plans include the supersonic jets and also military aircraft, more than 10 types of mission of training the pilots of the master class. There is also the presence of gorgeous 3D graphics and realistic flight physics. In other words, the presence of Android 3D Flight Simulator can be very advanced stimulation which has never developed.

    in addition, many people claim that this is the ultimate ideal plane stimulation which improves the physical for the players. The features that offer nice controls and flight short make players feel that flight of 2 hours are like two minutes. As you play the 3D flight simulator for Android, you turn on and off the signs of the safety belt, to go up and down the landing gear and also control the aircraft properly. Players only need to get about 1 k feet on air for flights all. Also, is there no way to tell what directions the tracks that the players landed at risk until the players are too close to the lands of his first run.

    features of 1.0.4 APK for Android 3D Flight Simulator
    • 24 + plans of real life including supersonic jet aircraft and military aircraft
    • 10 + mission types of training pilot to control
    • physical realistic flight and 3D graphic class
    Plane Simulator 3D Screenshot 1
  • 3D APK 1.0.4 Flight Simulator latest Version

    Correction of a few minor bugs in the game.

  • apps comments

    I like this game it is difficult. I always wonder how it feels to become a pilot and fly a plane. This game is amazing.

Plane Simulator 3D APK

Developer: TerranDroid Version: 1.0.4 condition: 2.1 and upwards price: free


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