Box APK 3.7.5

Box APK 3.7.5
  • box APK is coming with the new version 3.7.5, Android, everything seems easy. Well, android becomes common and special thing for people to help their lives. When you are businessman, I think it's important that you consider the box for Android. Well, it's kind of the great android application for you. This app is special because it will be easy to get all the files of your finger. For other details of it, let's talk about some details here. See the preview below and get your reason! When you want easy access to online content, this app is the best answer. Well, this app will help you access the file types in your desk phone and android. So, here, you also will be easy to share important photos.

    to improve the skill, here you also will be able to review your last project. You too will be happy because you will get 10 GB of free cloud storage to store any type of file and new project. For details of the application, you must be careful with the additional information. In this case, this application will be available for version 4.0 and version of the android OS. You should check your version of android before choosing.

    on the other hand, you need to check the free storage before installing. This app is free for you. However, to have the best access and benefits, you have read all the permissions and rules of the app based on the above explanation, we all know that the box for Android can be interesting application for you. This app has the 4.2 in the application partition. It shows that this application will be useful for you.

    characteristics of box 3.7.5 APK for Android
    • 10 GB of cloud storage free to save all your docs
    • download photos, videos and other files from the box and download them to your device
    • display and print 100 + types, including PDF, Word, Excel, have and PSD
    • file high quality PowerPoint presentations
    • file controls the level of encryption and security
    • mode off access to files and folders
    • connection much more
    [Capturesde screen
    Box Screenshot 1
  • box APK 3.7.5 latest Version

    fixes an issue with Android for work.]

  • apps comments

    box provides me with the cloud storage reliable, easy to use, that I trust with my data.


Developer: Box Version: 3.7.5 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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