Creating Video Karaoke Smule with Smule Android Applications

Creating Video Karaoke Smule with Smule Android Applications

Smule is a mobile application developer with headquarters in San Francisco. The company specializes in developing social music making apps for iOS, Android, and's Kindle Fire.

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This app is great, we could do a duet directly with artists that we like. But it is very unfortunate for applications outside of iOS we can not make a karaoke video. But there is a chance for us to make video karaoke albeit using Smule Android application.

What are prepared?
1. Video cameras to record us sing
2. Sign the application Smule
3. Find a partner artist that we will create karaoke videos together, we take the example of Jessie J song Flashlight. Or it could be non-artist duet with the singer, as JessBlum19, which has video karaoke at Smule with a lot of songs that a lot of choice. Follow JessBlum19 at Smule.
4. Sing the song by doing a duet with Jessie J or JessBlum19 on the application Smule with our recorded video
5. Save the duet song results in Smule
6. Save the videotape we were in earlier record
7. Prepare a software video editor or the like
8. Take the results of a duet with Jessie J on the website Smule
9. Search and get video on youtube with Jessie J Jessie J Smule title Flashlight. And if we do a duet with JessBlum19, can find the video on Youtube type SMULE KARAOKE STARS JESSBLUM19
10. Combine by using Software video editor
11. Welcome video karaoke Smule can be made
12. Upload the video on Youtube
13. Ready-prepared so famous

With the Smule, we can be more quickly famous. Spirit !!


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