Game Google services APK 9.6.83 (030-133155058)

Game Google services APK 9.6.83 (030-133155058)
  • services Google game APK has been updated to 9.6.83 (133155058-030). Most people using the gadget tend to know more on Google game instead of this app. They have significant differences. The most fundamental difference is that Google game works as a service to users, while this app is an installation of Google for Android programmers. But, wanting to create applications that Android Android users must understand the whole things on the performance of Google Services to play? It is not necessarily the case, since when you want to create standard and already Android applications integrated into the Google Service, you have only to do these following things related to this map Service for the Google App (GMS) is one of the applications in Service to play. Each data entry: Burkina Faso / application will use the Google mapping Service in the library. Without the help of the library, your application program can be mistake. Google mapping service is used to create the map of the functionality of Google Map display, change the map type, add the marker service and also to add news and features of the window.

    Google (Google + Android platform) is a Service of play feature that should be taken if you want to connect via Gmail or Google access +. From defaulting, the user has an e-mail on Android that can be used to access Playstore and Gmail. If you want to connect using the Google + feature, you must enable this service. Google Cloud messaging (MCG) is a service that allows users to receive notifications. Surely, Android users are most familiar with social media like Twitter or Facebook. Altogether, you will receive some notification messages on all your activities on social media that you manage.

    so how does the system of notification message? The use of technical push notification notification messages. Google offers service from CWM to support execution of notification messages. It can be used for free by users of Android. Google Analytics is a service that can help us to know how many users is in Active mode. This is very useful for those who own or run shop online because they can see the activities done by users who are viewing your products. Google Mobile Ad (AdMob) is a service of Google for Android ads. Most of the free apps on Playstore uses this medium to get the benefit of the free apps, they have created.

    services has Google game 9.6.83 (133155058-030) APK for Android
    • it speeds up offline research
    • provides more immersive maps
    • better gaming experiences.
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  • game Google services APK 9.6.83 latest Version (030-133155058)

    • for Android 2.3 + arm nodpi
  • Apps comments

    this software is needed to support other apps on Android.

Google Play services APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: 9.6.83 (030-133155058) condition: varies with device price: free


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