Horizon Chase - World Tower APK 1.3.1

Horizon Chase - World Tower APK 1.3.1
  • Chase horizon - World Tower APK is out, so you can download the latest version 1.3.1. You want to play racing game? Do not use Play Station, if you have Android in your hands, you know. Now, many racing games is made for Android. Among them, there are Chase Horizon - around the world for Android. Indeed, you can not play multiplayer with it. However, you will always get the pleasure of your car with your opponents. To tell you the truth, this game is pretty simple. However, it is interesting enough even in its simplicity. Speaking of graphics, I would say that it was made much more interesting than Basic scrolling graphical 2D. Yes, the graphics turned into razor, the low-poly.

    the cars attractive with bright colors on them. They will race on different tracks with fundraising appeal in this game. As for the music, you can be sure to hear to it made by a digital composer under the name of Barrie Leitch, who had composed the classical music racing games before nice. It is easy to play in Android because it consists of only three controls; direction, gas and nitro. Before the tours run out, you must go your way through and win the first place.

    , it may be simple, but even in this simple racing game, you will always have to explore up to 73 tracks and unlock up to 16 new cars by becoming the winner of the race. Of course, he's has upgraded functionality offered as well. That's why this game is interesting and worth a try. Horizon Chase - Worldtour for Android will be a good friend, you can spend time with in your moments of relaxation.

    Chase Horizon features - World Tower 1.3.1 APK for Android
    • try before you buy: enjoy 5 songs for free!
    • Classic Arcade Gameplay
    • 16-Bit Graphics delves
    • Soundtrack of Barry Leitch
    • challenge your friends
    • No. In - App Purchase
    • 16 cars unlock
    • because the upgrade
    • 8 cups, 32 cities, 73 tracks
    • 7 input methods
    Horizon Chase – World Tour Screenshot 1
  • Horizon Chase - World Tower APK 1.3.1 latest Version

    • Correction problems of compatibility with Android 6.0 devices (Marshmallow)
    • fixed a bug that caused a current symbolic amount not to display after having bought the unlock code
    • if the user refused Google play connection to the title screen, the game will ask is more to connect the end of
  • Apps comments

    irritating obstacles on the sides of the tracks and instances boring of bumping into the car in front of you, all adapted with 3D graphics and good choice of cars.

Horizon Chase - World Tour APK

Developer: Aquiris Game Studio S.A Version: 1.3.1 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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