Motorcycle Racing 3D APK 1.9

Motorcycle Racing 3D APK 1.9
  • you can't pretend you're a fan of game if you have not tried motorcycle racing 3D APK 1.9. This game is very difficult. From backflip frontflip, jumping and nitro, you'll have everything you need to control your bike in this game. Your left thumb can be used to control the balance and jumping and your right thumb can be used for the control of acceleration and deceleration. In the previous level, you will have a few relatively easier difficulties. This is to you to get used to control the bike. On the other hand, as time passes, you will be given harder and harder difficulties and challenges to conquer.

    in this game, you have several types of bikes that you can buy the parts that you received after completing a track. As a first step, you could get one with a slower speed and more difficult to control, but you are getting better at the games, you will be able to afford the best bike that can be controlled easily. The bigger and the better the bike, the more expensive the bike. In this bike racing game, you will have three mission that you can choose to be completed. Each completed mission will give you a star and several bonus coins. There is a point of control available that will force you to restart again if you have an accident.

    there are two standard missions in each level, which are "Change level" and "collect all the coins. In addition, there are a few additional missions that you can choose from all levels of the game. One thing that makes the very attractive 3D for android race bike is its 3D effect. Because of the 3-d photo resemble a real and that will give a new sensation for gamers to try and try again.

    characteristics of the Racing Bike 3D 1.9 APK for Android
    • 60 titles in career mode, from easy to very technical
    • authentic physics and feel good 3D graphics
    • select 5 unique bikes, walk, how you want to mount
    Bike Racing 3D Screenshot 1
  • Moto Racing 3D APK 1.9 latest Version

    fixed some bugs of the game collision.

  • apps comments

    I love it so much because of its cool to play and its amazing.

Bike Racing 3D APK

Developer: words Mobile Version: 1.9 condition: 2.1 and upwards price: free


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