MX player APK 1.8.8

MX player APK 1.8.8
  • the latest version of MX player APK has been released, this is the version 1.8.8. Video player surely becomes very important app that needs to be carefully chosen by each user of smartphone platforms. People who use an Android device must also ensure that they have the best video player for their Android device, especially if they make their smart phone as the companion of technology more special. MX for Android player can be a great choice because it comes with excellent performance and support for most video formats. This application becomes the application that has the quality in its class. Each video is able to play smoothly by this app and it means that people can be free of punishment when they mess with video converters. There are great benefits that people can find this video player after all. The first advantage is the fact that this app is powerful.

    hardware acceleration and decoding multi-core of this app may agree with the unit that has strong CPU as well as enough RAM. That of why people can enjoy the reading experience flowing and graceful even when they want to watch HD movies with a duration of three hours. It also comes with the hand gestures that are sensitive. The hand gestures are sensitive to hit rewind, fast forwarding, swipe, pinch to zoom. This video player can be a good option if you want to re - watching their favorite example videos. The design of this video player is simplified. The interface is minimal, so people are able to resume play for the customization of subtitle which is convenient option. There are also preferences for video playback. It is possible for users making customization for their experience of viewing for sure.

    However, there are also some drawbacks that can be found of MX Player. People may know some jumps on the longer HD video when they watch it with receiver H/W high performance on. The video player simply refuses to play the video. This problem could be solved by opting for S/W decoder. people is the announcement on the edge of the display on the screen when video playback is stopped and it can be quite annoying, but ads will appear once they press the 'play' button. However, this video player is always impressive for Android users don't have to think twice use this app to watch video directly on their device.

    characteristics of the MX Player 1.8.8 APK for Android
    • hardware acceleration - Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos using the new H/W decoder.
    • multi-CORE decoding - this is the first Android video player that supports multi-core decoding. Test result showed that the performance of the dual-core device is up to 70% better than unipolar devices.
    • pinch to zoom, ZOOM and PAN - easily zoom in and out by pinching and dragging across the screen. Zoom and Pan is also available as an option.
    • subtitle gestures - scroll forward/backward to move text up/down, forward/back to move text up and down, Zoom +/-to change the size of the text.
    • KIDS LOCK - keep your kids entertained without having to worry that they can make calls or receive other applications. (plugin required)
    MX Player Screenshot 1
  • MX player APK 1.8.8 latest Version

    • bug fixes.
  • apps comments

    Simple, intuitive and very well with regular updates. The app improves with time.

MX Player APK

Developer: J2 Interactive Version: 1.8.8 condition: varies with device price: free


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