PAC - MAN 256 APK 1.4.0

PAC - MAN 256 APK 1.4.0
  • a new PAC - MAN 256 APK updated and now you can download the latest version 1.4.0. It's the kind of classic game that will take you to feel in the previous century. The app will be pleasant with the single and also the level of challenge. Well, here to know the details of this game, we will talk about some issues of it. Talking about the app, the first thing you need to consider is the features of the game. This game will be available for your mobile phone and tablet.

    on the other hand, inside the game, you will find 15 ridiculous powers up, like the laser, Tornado, giant and others to increase your experiences. On the other hand, the level also will give the most challenging for you. This app has the score 4.4 rate-play store. Well, by the rate, you can see that this is the kind of game with the best look in its appearance and functionality.

    Although it is little game that will give the best sense for you, by its character, witnesses say that there problems on certain points. In this case, it will be great for you keep updated to the final version. For this game, you will be free to download. PAC - MAN 256 - labyrinth without end for Android is available for free. You need 25 MB of free storage when you want to install it. With android versions 2.3 or more, you will be able to enjoy this game.

    characteristics of PAC - MAN 256 1.4.0 APK for Android
    • PAC - MAN perfectly reinvented for your mobile phone or Tablet
    • Outsmart ghosts with more than 15 ridiculous of power-ups: Laser, Tornado, giant and much more
    • move the TAPI in PAC - MAN supervillain from the beginning: The Glitch
    • take on a new bunch of blended retro-ghosts including Sue , Funky and Spunky
    • Waka waka on PAC - DOTS and chain a combo 256 for support of super special surprise controllers
    • play on NVIDIA shield
    PAC-MAN 256 Screenshot 1
  • PAC - MAN 256 APK 1.4.0 final Version

    • new themes PAC-MANIA
    • go-carts
    • garden
    • improvements
    • themes can now be mixed!
    • new rankings of partition of a friend in the game!
    • achievements
  • Apps comments

    , this game is really good and for orders new people are different from the computer, but its only control touch and there is a lot of power.


Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe Version: 1.4.0 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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