Taichi Panda: Hero 1.5 APK

Taichi Panda: Hero 1.5 APK
  • Taichi Panda: Heroes APK is updated to the latest version 1.5. It is the sequel to the Director of the snail. In this sequel, there are some improvements in the quality of the graphics, the music and its characteristics. There are some new features that are not available in the older version, but the 'original' content that exist in the old version is still available in the latest version. Always using bar oblique-fast-pace-combat gameplay that is widely applied in other MMORPG games. Thing that has changed is the graphics, become more beautiful, sort of combat in the game between you and your enemies will become more attractive to the eye.

    not only to improve the quality of the graphics, snail also provides very important features that offers world game, open, players can explore the large map in the game. Like the heroes of Panda name Taichi, snail are also most prominent heroes in this game. He has 19 heroes with various abilities and qualities that are unique and different. And listed 19 heroes, there is always the old heroes of the old version, so for you who play Taichi Panda 1 familiarized you with the hero.

    another new feature is that you can bring other heroes to come in your fight. Heroes will be controlled by the AI, it would no doubt help the heroes once in the fight. PvP is always presented in this game. With a fairly large scale. Characteristics of PvP will comfort when bored in the missions. Collect and manage your group of champions of legend to discover exciting action and a fascinating adventure in the world open sensation RPG online!

    Taichi Panda features: Heroes 1.5 APK for Android
    • return to the wonderful world of Taichi
    • command your army of Heroes
    • explores the corners far from Earth
    • join combines legendary action
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  • Taichi Panda : Heroes APK 1.5 latest Version

    • bugs
  • Apps comments

    the game has a lot to offer. Incredible, gfx, amazing gameplay. Amazing characters! Keep it up!

Taichi Panda Heroes APK

Developer: Snail Games USA Inc. Version: 1.5 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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