Changing Permalink PAGE Blogger

Changing Permalink PAGE Blogger

Personal experience and can be applied by anyone. Very frustrated once if we've accomplished-reach makes PAGE on bloggers, for example, create a page Privacy Policy, but which came out of his permalink very unreasonable, because it does not connect with the title page created, namely the Privacy Policy, but the exit instead .blogspot permalink. com / p / blog page. What really can be changed?

Permalink changing step 2

This is the step,

1. Log in to gan to start making his permalink PAGE blogger accordance title

Permalink changing step 1

2. Prepare Microsoft Word, as part of the trick made. If you do not have Microsoft Word can use Text Documents (right click on the desktop > select New > select Text document)
3. Ok we began to change the PAGE Blogger / p / blog page

Permalink changing step 2
Permalink changing step 3

4. Ready, Do not enter blogger first, but get in Microsoft Word

Permalink changing step 4

5. Type the name of the title PAGE we will create, such as the Privacy Policy

Permalink changing step 5

6. After we typed copy of Privacy Policy
7. Then come back to Blogger, directly to the scene
8. On My Blog select PAGE, up here let me tell gan preface. Later we created a new PAGE again, HOW LONG? still not been removed yet because we need the content of their pages.  yes, the same can be said to change it anyway, but the term precisely PAGE replace the permalink right.

Permalink changing step 6

9. OK, click New PAGE gan. IMPORTANT!! After the new page opens DIRECT, point the mouse pointer TO PAGE TITLE. DO NOT SAFE AUTO preceded by . Because if preceded by, had to repeat again of the way early.

Permalink changing step 7

10. Having succeeded her in the contents page tittle Privacy Policy, directly Publish.

Permalink changing step 8


Permalink changing step 9

12. Upon successful stay Edit Page Privacy Policy which permalinknya correct, the content is loaded with the contents of Page Privacy Policy first you made.

Permalink changing step 10
13. When finished, delete the permalink Page Privacy Policy shambles.
14. Finish duties gan, can proceed with another PAGE

Spirit! Thank you for visiting !!


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