EverNote APK 7.9.5

EverNote APK 7.9.5
  • to install the APK Evernote 7.9.5 will be the best idea for people to get comfortable for people when they want to write something productive in their lives. It can synchronize between processor in android. In this one, people can write a note, checklist, research. With this capability, people will get satisfaction for the people inside their android. Because of this, people will have many benefits when they have this apk in their android. For the most part, people use this app to write and also manage all the work. People have for example a task to write something, but they have no time to open their computer. With this apk, people can continue their task so that they can focus to do their job.

    people can also join the documents whose office, PDF and Photo. The largest located in this one, is that people can manage documents so that they will find the document treated in the table in the note. In addition, people also gain satisfaction in the Android Evernote can also be used as digital assistants that can be useful for the activities of people.

    pertaining to it, people can change their business card in your contact. Also, people can work offline. People can also use it to discuss so that people can work together in the android. Because of this, getting the idea of Evernote for Android is one of the best ideas of people to get comfortable to prepare and to remind their activity well. It also can be used for people to find everything, including text or photos in the android so that people don't worry when they have this one to remind their agenda through the android in your hand well.

    features of Evernote 7.9.5 APK for Android
    • stay focused: write in an uncluttered workspace
    • things Get: making things and control lists
    • attach files: keep Office documents, PDF files and photos
    • do you organize: notebooks and labels keep tidy work
    • find anything: searchable text in the notes and photos
    Evernote Screenshot 1
  • Evernote APK 7.9.5 latest Version

    • see highlighted search terms when you search in a note.
    • choose more than one item in your search result, so you can move, tag and delete several notes more quickly.
    • Add quick notes from the notification area without launching the app
    • we crushed a lot of bugs!
  • apps comments

    easy to use and understand, simple layout and works fine on my PC as well.

Evernote APK

Developer: Evernote Corporation Version: 7.9.5 condition: varies with device price: free


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