Food Street APK 0.17.5

Food Street APK 0.17.5
  • food Street APK's 0.17.5 released so that you can install the new game on your Android. Maybe cooking becomes an enjoyable to do by the woman Act. Well, that's because naturally, cooking refers to women. Here I have a unique application, which is called as street food. Yes, it's an a beautiful application in android for you who want to be a chef. This game is the peculiarity of the great feature and smart visualization. You will also be able to increase your knowledge about food here. Well, the game will take you to be chef with street special menu. Inside of this game, you will be able to choose the types of fun food stand.

    , you are also available to see the kind of street food, as in your home. Then, with the great feature, inside this game, you too will be able to make some creations in food manufacturing. There are also types of examples of foods that you could do, such as corn, fried French and other dogs. Here, we will see the details of the need for the system. Before installing the game of street food, it's nice when you see the details of the system requirements. This game is available for version 4.0.3 android OS version.

    what is your android version, guys? Please check before. Then, to install it in your phone, you need the 41 M in the space of free storage. You have an enough space in your storage space? You should also check. Well, that's because all this will affect the smoothness of operation. From the explanation above, you can take this quiz in your wish list. In order to have the special characteristics of feeding Street for Android, please always up-to-date when the developments are available!

    characteristics of street food 0.17.5 APK for Android
    • free to download - a fun restaurant with superb 3D graphics game!
    • build, decorate, and manage your own restaurant!
    • collect ingredients and cook delicious dishes from all over the world!
    • customize your staff and serving happy customers!
    • trade ingredients and dishes with friends and other players!
    • work food clubs and participate in friendly competition!
    • fun seasonal events with new dishes and new decorations!
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  • Food Street APK 0.17.5 latest Version

    • for this update, we will visit Germany! OKTOBERFEST event (lvl 18 +) will begin Sept. 16 and ends on September 26, where you can serve the traditional Bavarian Bratwursts and sauerkraut
    • Bavarian specialities in store until 2 October, including a beautiful German Shepherd Tan limited! Woof!
    • claim an exclusive free gift because it is the anniversary of Street Food! Connect you just before September 30 and get it from the Bank in the components menu! (Max 1 point per player)
  • apps comments

    this game is a lot of fun. I could never get bored. Much to do. Really this game and am not much more than a player.

Food Street APK

Developer: Supersolid Version: 0.17.5 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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