GO SMS Pro APK 7.14

GO SMS Pro APK 7.14
  • GO SMS Pro APK now comes with its latest version 7.14. Smart phone becomes surely technology products which are supplemented by various functions including various types of application that can be used to support their daily activity. Smart phone comes as a sophisticated device, but we can assure you that the smart phone always has the function of base as support of telecommunication. This means that people will find the use of the smart phone to call and e-mail. Messaging becomes very important medium which is nowadays. People always send SMS using much of their smart phone, but they can in fact find the mail app which can be an excellent replacement for SMS as this App

    it is no doubt that GO SMS Pro can be regarded as the mail app which can be replacement for SMS. It comes with the design that is sleek and fast. There are various customizations to make people stay in touch with important people in their lives. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the application. This app comes with pop-up ability with request for an opinion. Users can send a quick response with this app. It is also possible for them to define modern privacy to keep the private messaging text.

    customization can be done for an individual contact with a different style of the cat, its notification, so that different signature. Can also be made for the themes, animation effect and make. It comes with several plug-ins for various purposes. There are more benefits of this application. However, we can assure you that there are also a few disadvantages of this application. When people want to open the application, you may have a little more time compared to the standard application for Messaging. People can customize their app, but it comes with the option of limited topics.

    characteristics of GO SMS Pro 7.14 APK for Android
    • hundreds of stickers and custom themes beautiful (continue to rise)
    • private box to encrypt messages & protect your privacy
    • conversations help sticking you focus on important contacts sticking at the top
    • Pop up for a quick consultation and you answer
    • Dual SIM for new messages , supports 8 000 + dual SIM devices (constantly increasing)
    • SMS blocker has intelligently block list Black/keywords and filter spam messages
    • get chat support for free text messages and discussion group
    • time to send you offer the possibility to correct the wrong messages.
    • folded by a stranger messages automatically classify foreign conversations and keep your Inbox simplicity
    • Avatar popup show the avatar contact especially apps the arrival of new messages.
    GO SMS Pro Screenshot 1
  • SMS Pro APK 7.14 GB latest Version

    • optimize interface
    • in line with the design of equipment.
    • a bug corrected.
  • apps comments

    it is nice to be able to have an app that does not look like everyone else. Very powerful and personal.


Developer: GO Dev Team Version: 7.14 condition: varies with device price: free


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