Hearthstone heroes of Warcraft APK 6.1.14366

Hearthstone heroes of Warcraft APK 6.1.14366
  • challenge games is Hearthstone Warcraft APK 6.1.14366 and that of the fantastic hero. This game has a simple rule to follow, but the content is really disputed. For you who really love the game of cards, it's the best choice to try the new game. It is not a virtual game that is the same with other games that is easy to make. Unlike another game of cards, this game is really amazing. It is a simple card game for Android because it is not such a complex and complicated for players to play this game and instruction to create, add and maintain their skills and level. If you know that this game is easy to play, you'll love so much. The way you play this game is really simple. You know, you just play the minions and then you spell cards, and you can play up to what your opponent's health is depleted.

    this game lets you or your opponent to spell cards carelessly as in other maps of games. Although this game is not complicated, a strategy is also needed to finish. He needs timing and good strategy when you play. In this game, cards and your minions have incredible power.

    you can also find out when your opponent puts their mouse in the map or the minion he wants to choose. It is easy to detect and define your strategy. For players, we will say that this game should be added to some features like replays of game, spectator, stat-tracking mode and more. But Global Hearthstone heroes of Warcraft for Android is interesting to play.

    characteristics of the Hearthstone heroes of Warcraft 6.1.14366 APK for Android
    • deceptively simple. INSANELY FUN
    • go to
    • build your DECK
    • your skills
    • COLLECTION moves with you
    • and fight for glory
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  • Hearthstone heroes of Warcraft APK 6.1.14366 latest Version

    • The Bundle welcome arrived!
    • new priest hero: Tyrande Whisperwind
    • the backs of following maps have been added: Tyrande, Legion, pie
    • some bridge recipes have been updated
    • some cards will not be selectable in the arena
    • solved a problem of restart of the adventure
    • [Tablet] fix a problem with the on-screen keyboard
    • fixed some audio graphic and issues of the UI
  • Apps comments

    very addictive. One of my cards favorite games to pass the time! Love that you can customize your deck and win cards you play against each other. Takes some getting used to but eventually you get the hang of it.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft APK

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Version: 6.1.14366 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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