Juggernaut Wars APK 1.3.2

Juggernaut Wars APK 1.3.2
  • the new Action-RPG of My.com set has been present on Android, we can download Juggernaut Wars APK version 1.3.2 easily. This game is a mix of game Action-RPG and MOBA, which is packed in a single title. The real world in the game adapted from the previous game My.com Juggernaut: Sovering vengeance, which may be some of you are already familiar with this game. World Wars juggernaut take the same origin as the previous series, Haradan, where players will fight with a team of several heroes.

    the players will be able to develop strategies of time in the broadcast of his hero, the rest of the story in the campaign, participate in clan wars and trying to PvE mode. In the game, players will form a team of heroes of their choice before leaving to explore the world Haradan.

    according to legend, land of Haradan fell into civil war, with the population divided into two factions: the League and cohort. The players will go into the world to know what happened with the previous sovereigns who mysteriously disappeared, which in turn, has created this civil war. There is a "three-way" is available in this game, the whole first there is a standard mode, then there is PvP mode and the last "trial" mode in which players form a team together to defeat the monsters special "World Fights." Games themed RPG as border brave (Playstation X) with 3D graphics unique, unlike similar games that provide 3D which are smooth graphics and animations are made as realistic as possible, Juggernaut Wars rather give graphics in 3D but does eliminate the cartoon effect not so when we play the game, remembering action on the station Cartoon Network series.

    characteristics of the Juggernaut 1.3.2 APK for Android wars
    • struck again by the creators of cult 2012 game RPG Juggernaut: Sovering revenge.
    • 30 unique warriors, each with their own set of capabilities. And much more!
    • beautiful animation, great graphics 3D, many beautiful places and magic spells.
    • the battles epic clan - invite your friends and fight back to back!
    • easy beginner mechanical - become a pro at a glance!
    • tournaments PvP and PvE accomplishments - show them all what is the best here!
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  • Juggernaut Wars APK 1.3.2 latest Version

    • miles
    • with the new league system, the arena battles are more fun
    • ranking
    • nominal values of the Obelisk of glory
    • battle STATS
    • added statistics battle
    • content
    • new chapter of the campaign : Land the
    • damned
    • new monsters in the Jungle of Ayemancy: Amazons and Shayla-year, their Queen
    • all the heroes can now be promoted to the color of 'Red + 1' level
    • new heroes: Huntress witch Karmine, immortal Yordin and Cyclopede Arrid
  • Apps comments

    great, fun game to play. Too many barriers to pay. But you can still enjoy the game without having to pay.

Juggernaut Wars APK

Developer: My.com B.V. Version: 1.3.2 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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