Launcher APK 3.17.1 CM

Launcher APK 3.17.1 CM
  • the last CM Launcher APK is available, it is 3.17.1 version. Improving the performance of smart phone becomes a very important thing that must be done by the users of the device. There is no doubt that people will make a very rigorous selection during the purchase of the Smartphone product. However, this does not mean that people can be satisfied with the default applications presented by smart phone. It is sure that there are many people who is not satisfied with the default Launcher of your smart phone. That's why they want to improve its appearance by installing the Launcher with a best performance like CM launcher for Android. This launcher app is developed by Cheetah Mobile and it's the same developer who creates own master.

    this application is called as the lighter Launcher is available for Android. It only comes with the size of 1 MB. Because it comes with a lightweight design, it means that people will be able to access the apps, but also the characteristics of the device much faster. Once people install this application, they will find the home screen that looks like new and minimal. There are different things that is on the homescreen after all. Different types of CM tools are on the homescreen including energy saving, but also apps from the use of the data.

    people will be able to get great support from Power Saver because many people have great concern about the battery life. In one click, the battery life can be extended very easily. Users will also be able to kill the process memory hogging with Booster function. This feature can be turned on even without having to unlock the device. People will also find applications very attractive tool. It is useful to provide the population with the list of apps which is organized in alphabetical order on the device. Customization is also possible for this app

    characteristics of the CM 3.17.1 APK for Android Launcher
    • small
    • elegant - accelerate your startup speed of 100%!
    • ensure - includes world #1 engine antivirus
    • SMART - automatically organizes your apps in smart folders based on your habits of
    • elegant - customize your unique wallpaper to fit your personal style!
    CM Launcher Screenshot 1
  • CM Launcher APK 3.17.1 latest Version

    • fix bugs
  • Apps comments

    the best Launcher android I never uses. Very simple and light, but still have a lot of customization.

CM Launcher APK

Developer: Cheetah Mobile Inc. Version: 3.17.1 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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