Screen Recorder APK Mobizen

Screen Recorder APK Mobizen
  • new Mobizen APK is coming so that we can update the application to the latest version If we want create Android tutorial, video tutorial is the best choice. You can save your Android screen and save it as video, you need an extra application called Mobizen. This application can help you record the Android screen, such as recording clash of Clans and then upload it to Youtube. Installation process is a little bit difficult because it requires the PC or computer which is connected to Android.

    this app is able to screen Android to record with up to 12 Mbit/s, high resolution and FPS quality indefinitely. In addition you can also record sounds, save your face during the creation of the video and can also record touch on the screen. One, you can run the app on rooted android device and without root. Another feature that can be made in this application is that you can remotely control android (remote).

    then I will share how to record the activity of the Android screen in video.

    • , you must first download Mobizen on your android.
    • connect your android to the computer using the USB cable, then run Mobizen on your android.
    • you will get the start of mobizen screen and press the Start button. Then, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address to sign in.
    • then you will be brought to the menu tutorial. Install the plugin if necessary, that this plugin is used for the connection.
    • in addition, you must enable USB debugging on your android settings. It can be done by pressing 'It has not been set', then you will pass to the developer Options settings. Check USB debugging.
    • after that, press the Start button on the apps. At this point, you can't save the screen of your android. Therefore, connect the app for android with Mobizen for PC.
    • download mobizen for PC application on the official site and install it.
    • open mobizen application on the PC, and then sign in using the same account that you use for mobizen for android. Once connected successfully, you will receive the verification code mobizen PC.
    • enter the verification on your android code by choosing 2-step audit and then type in the code and press Connect. If you use the root device, you must allow root access.
    • if successful, you can control your android directly by computer.
    • up until this point we have completed the configuration and you can save directly to your android screen by pressing on the back of the screen, then press the button to start recording.

    well, now you can create your own video while playing game and show your skills to other people. The reason why we chose this application compared to other applications is this app is free, and there is no time limit for registration.

    characteristics of Mobizen Screen Recorder APK for Android
    • screen recording - capture your best moves and moments in HD
    • you integrate with Facecam.
    • no root required, available for Android 4.4 and higher.
    • create videos in Full HD (240 p ~ 1080 p)
    • Flexible to suit any device
    • configuration
    • quality: 0.5 Mbps ~ 12,0 Mbps
    • resolution: 240 p ~ 1080 p
    • Frames Per Second: 5 fps ~ 60 fps
    • detailing edit video - perfect to complete your creation.
    • video sharing - get your creations out there for the world to see!
    Mobizen Screen Recorder Screenshot 1
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder APK latest Version

    • saving settings by default of the optimized based on device
    • various stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Apps comments

    I love this app because you can save yourself and the screen at the same time as I use it for my game tutorial. Best app. In my view, that there is no app like that.

Mobizen Screen Recorder APK

Developer: RSUPPORT Co., Ltd. Version: condition: 4.4 and upward price: free


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