Tumblr APK

Tumblr APK
  • update your blogs from anywhere with Tumblr APK that you are able to download. With this application, you are able to share your text, article, video, photos, audio and much more right from your android device. It is easy to use; you get clear and integrated dashboard to your Twitter account. You can get the last notification of activity of your blog and get the push of re-blogs, like, answers and new followers of the blog. Your dashboard is the important parts of your android applications.

    the scrolling timeline allows you to see the rocker last message flow, people you follow, the re-blog and post someone follows you. The integration of twitter brand that you are able to view simultaneously on your Twitter account. The user interface of this Tumblr inspired iPhone app that offer a quick and easy post with few clicks you can add post directly from android. You are able to add text, publish your photos, choose camera phone or insert a video capture in your audio device to download even registered on your blog.

    just as your Twitter account, this tumblr is microblogging services that enable you to show your thinking and your interest to tags, re-blogs of other people you follow and add comments of your own. Your followers are able to check your blog updates and see your dashboard at the other people you follow. They understood that some blog that you follow are essential to know updates, therefore, the menu "to get a notification" will give you any notifications of blog updates. All you need to do is to your dashboard and you can filter the result and sorting to your favorite filter. The app provide full text search blog and it's an excellent experience with blogs.

    characteristics of Tumblr APK for Android
    • whatever you are, people are taken and sharing stuff on this subject on their Tumblrs.
    • they are posting photos, GIFs, text, video, audio, whatever it is. Passion is multifaceted on Tumblr.
    • follow the artists, musicians, actors, creators, thinkers, scientists, publications, architects, firefighters - you know, interesting people. All the interesting people are here.
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  • Tumblr APK latest Version

    • article 1: queue management
    • you can do on the web. Now do it on your phone/thing. Set the frequency of publication of messages queued and choose the best time of the day to reveal them to the world. Go to the tab account (the person icon), on the points next to one of your Tumblrs, and then the queue!
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    is an incredible experience. I love really all fluid animations especially animation FAB.

Tumblr APK

Developer: Tumblr, Inc. Version: condition: varies with device price: free


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