WONDER contest of Champions APK 10.1.0

WONDER contest of Champions APK 10.1.0
  • latest MARVEL contest of Champions APK has been updated. If you want to get the best games you can download free version 10.1.0. This is a game of action by Kabam. It is a game for Marvel fans, especially for fans of Ant Man. Although Ant Man appears as a new hero under the label of Marvel, its popularity is quickly growing through the film of the same name. If you want to see this hero and actions, this game is really for you. One of the things about this awesome game is the graphics. The graphics are excellent. Looks like high quality details. The movement is also smooth. But of course this game experience can be obtained only by high-end devices. On the technical means, you can find some lag.

    just like in the game, players are able to resize their size in a small format. Players may need to do to pass the obstacles or fight the enemies. The gameplay is just similar with other action games. But just as the name of the game, Ant Man isn't the only hero here. Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk and other Marvel Superheroes are also there. Each of them has summoned by the collector. To do this, the game resembles a Marvel superhero game. There are a lot of popular superheroes come to the game.

    MARVEL contest of Champions allows a player to ally with other players. You can combine with your friends to strengthen the alliance. You can even join for Summoners of other institutions. Build the strong alliance and make a good strategy to beat the enemies. Play with other players can also be more fun. The game is considered to be a hardcore game. You need a large storage to install the game. The game size is 463 MB and supports Android 4.0 and more. This game is available as an application to buy game like well.z

    MARVEL features contest of Champions 10.1.0 APK for Android
    • follows with friends
    • build your ultimate Champions by team
    • collect the hero the most powerful (and naughty!)
    • QUEST and battle
    • HD quality
    MARVEL Contest of Champions Screenshot 1
  • MARVEL contest of Champions APK 10.1.0 latest Version

    • Login daily schedule:
    • win prizes every day to connect!
    • updated legends:
    • new Labyrinth of Legends quest-game and legends Leaderboard put your skills to the test!
    • updated quest Alliance:
    • new boss encounters, improving the map and improved rewards.
    • various improvements:
    • capabilities of view Champion of the screen before the fight.
    • classification area now shows your country.
  • apps comments

    a great Marvel game with all your favorite superheroes and villains! Awesome gameplay and I really like the system.

MARVEL Contest of Champions APK

Developer: Kabam Version: 10.1.0 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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