APK BeeTalk 2.1.9

APK BeeTalk 2.1.9

BeeTalk APK 2.1.9 has been released. Messaging apps are becoming more popular among the users of smart phones because there are several benefits that are offered by the messaging applications. Nowadays, it's super easy to find so many messaging apps that come with different specifications. However, we can assure you that if people are looking for the trendy messaging app, Beetalk for Android must be the answer. The application that is developed by Beetalk Private Ltd comes with different functions to help people get the best experience when the cat. More importantly, this application can be downloaded for free on Google Store.

There is no doubt that this app of e-mail becomes one of the most famous applications for messaging with so many people who use this app on their smart phone. This application can be used for sending video and audio messages. It must be big, that the audio and video message has great quality. The user interface is always designed with the novelty is able to accomplish a lot. There are some features noted that found this application of messaging including text, audio and video that can be enjoyed for free e-mail.

This application allows users to find their friends close to their current place of residence. Users will also receive the great platform that can provide highly experienced chat after all. Different profiles can be covered and they can return to the right bar for like to be friend (s) automatically. Because there are some add-ons such as the sticker, people will be able to enjoy more impressive chat experience. However, it is interesting and unique feature offered by this app called whisper message. The message will disappear once it is perceived by the beneficiaries. Some other features are great as well including the doodle feature, group discussion, sharing of web content, as well as showing user profile photo.

Characteristics of the 2.1.9 APK for Android BeeTalk
  • Flip, browse photos of different profile. Valve to right to 'Like' and to the left of "I don't like". Automatically Become friends if you like each other!Shake, find people who tremble with you to make friends!
  • Look Around, Discover and make new friends close
  • Whisper, send messages that disappear as if by magic later!
  • The calls and Messages, Unlimited talk time messages, texts and voices
  • Doodle, sketch and draw with your friends!
  • Stickers, enrich your experience of chatting with cute stickers!
  • Group chat, group voting allows us to discover other preference

BeeTalk APK 2.1.9 latest Version
Playstore :  BeeTalk APK 2.1.9
UI difficulty gel for new user

Apps comments
the new version is smoother than the front.

BeeTalk APK
Developer: BeeTalk Private Ltd Version: 2.1.9 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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