Duel Otak APK 3.1.3

Duel Otak APK 3.1.3
  • duel Otak APK set up to date 3.1.3 which is the latest version for Android. There are a lot of games to test his brain, indeed. Usually, you will need to answer various questions to play this game. However, not all games as offering up-to-date questions. This is why it is necessary that you try to play the Duel Otak for Android. It's a free game of OTF Media AB, which is really good to try. Play is not always to be for fun only, you know. It can get you instead. This game offers over 30,000 questions in different categories.

    of course, this game is made with system level. As long as you advance in your level, you will need to meet the most difficult issues. You have to think logically, focus and give a quick answer to each question. Only by doing this, you will raise your level. Of course, you will get reward whenever you resolve the issues. This game pretty well makes feel you addicted to it. He feels you need to gain more knowledge in order to be able to answer the questions. Remember, the questions are up to date.

    so, playing Duel Otak in Android would be quite difficult. You bored with him easily. If you feel confident with your brain, you can try to challenge your friend go on duel in this game. It would be fun to have someone that you can compete in this game. You can invite your friends by connecting to your social media account. Do you think that this game is interesting? You can even make your own avatar in this game. See? It is fun and beneficial. Instead of wasting your time completely for fun, as you go on, this game gives you more knowledge instead.

    characteristics of the Duel Otak 3.1.3 APK for Android
      30,000 +
    • frequently asked questions and a picture made by the team and loyal players Duel brain. Choose from a variety of categories!
    • increase your rank - knowledge is fighting against the other top players in Indonesia.
    • make yourself the question and get the price.
    • connect with your social media account and invite all your friends to a duel.
    • design your own avatar Duel your unique brain.
    • brain duel will be never obsolete. The new issue is still present every day!
    Duel Otak Screenshot 1
  • Duel Otak APK 3.1.3 latest Version

    • Fix issue that makes some users to be unable to communicate with the game server
    • experience improvements
    • stable and improvements to the user
  • Apps comments

    the problem is when all your opponents stop playing and you have reached maximum opponent. We must stop playing too because you are not allowed to start the game over 8.

Duel Otak APK

Developer: OTF Media AB Version: 3.1.3 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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