Frozen Frenzy Mania APK 1.7.6

Frozen Frenzy Mania APK 1.7.6
  • here, we have the Frozen Frenzy Mania APK 1.7.6 when you want to have a simple game. Well, this is a unique game for you. This game is special with the details of her look. The colorful material can be the best idea to color your free time. Then, the kind of puzzle will be something great for your brain. In my view, it will be better for your children. See the details of the game saw the review of it, below. I hope it will be useful to you. Talking about the game, you can see the features of the game.

    the features it will give something big for you. You will find many features it. Here you can see the set of three matches, filled ice cream, sugar and sweet features. However, you can force yourself to have the best high score. By having the highest score, you will be able to open the new field and get new experiences out there. Here, you also need to know the types of additional information. Well, the information will be useful when you want to download the game.

    in this case, the game will be held in the version 4.0.3 and android version. You should check your android system. On the other hand, the size of this game is 38 M. First check your storage space. This game is free to download, but you will have to pay a payment for the full version of it. After the explanation, we all know that mania frenzy frozen for Android can be the alternative of the game for you. This game has score 4.2 game side. The score shows that customers are happy with it. Visit the game store to have it in your phone.

    characteristics of Frozen Frenzy Mania 1.7.6 APK for Android
    • play with hundreds of icy exciting levels filled treats dreamy creamy!
    • ice cream cart STUFF Piper Penguin with candy frozen in command Mode to the top!
    • UNCOVER Gummy fish takes for Chloe the cat in Mode ice fishing!
    • ice cream spoon in Bowl Super Sundae layout morse Ulf!
    • hungry SATISFY bears stuffed the Yeti with delicious treats frozen mode Blizzard!
    • CRAFT powerful pieces such as Rainbow pop and pop of the rocket to crash levels and trigger explosive combos!
    • victory over challenging obstacles such as sticky sundaes, calamitous and zany Caramel Wafer walls join your treats!
    • compete with Facebook friends for the best score at all levels!
    • EXPLORES the vibrant worlds of the delicious pleasures including strawberry Hills, Cookie Creek and more!
    • synchronize your game between devices and unlock a full game by connecting to Internet!
    Frozen Frenzy Mania Screenshot 1
  • latest Frozen Frenzy Mania APK 1.7.6

    • new features:
    • 150 + new levels: tons of addicting fun new puzzles for you!
    • new weekly rewards: play the new snowflake levels and collect rare snowflakes to win prizes each week!
    • new rankings: compete with friends and other players to determine who is the best game of puzzle autour! Win prizes based on your ranking!
    • of the performance improvements: we have removed bugs and improve performance across the frozen landscape.
  • apps comments

    all you have to do is uninstall and reinstall the new version and you can receive and send lives once again, this is a fun game

Frozen Frenzy Mania APK

Developer: Storm8 Studios Version : 1.7.6 requirement: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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